He likes Yong ‘an more and more.

Although it is a small town, it is warm.
"My Lord"
Sergeant Bai San Nuo came up with jars. "The old man respects you."
After that, the jar was knocked at a few mouthfuls
Wang Xuan didn’t hesitate to take a few mouthfuls, but he was already missing half an altar.
It’s not that he doesn’t drink, but that he doesn’t get drunk.
After forging, the body is like a magic weapon, and even the general poison is not felt. What’s worse, it is wine.
Wine tastes good if it is not drunk.
After Bai San Nuo drinks, he suddenly fuels with a wipe of his mouth. "I will leave the camp for Huaizhou on Adult’s Day."
Wang Xuan’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled. "Let’s wait until the times are calmer."
Or that three ghost town god?
The railway man gave a direction. I didn’t expect that Bai San Nuo’s master was the stonemason’s door in Huaizhou, and the Chen family was about to leave for an invitation.
However, the stonemason’s door was as messy as the vulva, and Bai Sannuo had offended Huaizhou official Wang Xuan and naturally didn’t want to take risks.
Bai San Nuo smiled at the vicissitudes of life. "Adult, this world is getting more and more chaotic. How can it be peaceful? To tell you the truth, the children in Shiwa Village have become a team, and they are already worried about it. They want to go back and meet other disciples while they still have breath."
"Old people always think of the past …"
Said picked up the jars wobbly to find Guo Luquan.
Wang Xuan looked at the stars overhead in silence.
He has been numb to life and death in his previous life.
What is immortality?
Although preaching is actually a thought.
The only way to catch it is when
In my mind, the fusion progress of "blood evil spirit forging" and "tiger leopard shaping" is 9%
Two days later in the morning.
The light rain scattered all night.
It’s like this in Qing dynasty. The rain is intermittent.
"kill! Kill! Kill! "
Yong ‘an Barracks tinker still kills the sky.
Military strategists exercise their bodies, temper their bodies, practice penance and forge their spirits, not to mention that it is raining and hail.
On a gloomy day, an eagle sings brightly.
Xiaobai spread his wings and glided into the tent in a beautiful roundabout. After landing, he shook his white feathers and twisted his ass to jump off the wooden frame.
Wang Xuan immediately after seeing eyebrows a wrinkly.
Xiaobai is now more and more powerful. After landing five meters, half of them are tall and majestic, but they walk and shake their hips and break their skills immediately.
Ah Fu gave two jeers.
Xiaobai turned her head proudly and ignored it.
Wang Xuanyu shook his head to see the deduction plate in his head.
Just this morning, "Blood Evil Forging" and "Tiger and Leopard Forging" were finally merged, but instead of becoming a new achievement method, a stunt tiger and leopard fighting spirit was added.
Some of them, like him, are full of fighting spirit because of the integration of "Blood Evil Forging". There are several small evil wheels around the corpse dog and the V-arrow evil wheel.
The same is true of tiger and leopard’s fighting spirit, but it can absorb the blood of tiger and leopard’s fierce beasts to form a similar Dantian chakra. Once it is stimulated in wartime, it will be like a fierce beast possessed and bravely cast.
It seems to be ok.
Later, Wang Xuan looked at "Tiger and Leopard Refinement", "Army Seal" and "Kanli tattoo Spirit"
Whether a lock is complete or not depends on the deduction.
The difference between "Tiger and Leopard Refinement" and "Army Seal" is too far. It is estimated that the fusion will fail at present.
However, it might be better if the main body of "Kanli tattoo" integrates "The Seal of Military Array".
After repeated experiments, Wang Xuan has roughly figured out the number of ways in the deduction disk, and after hanging up, he waited for a while, so he did not collapse and there was a fusion progress of 1%
It seems that if you want to have the same attributes as links, you will have a chance to succeed.
I just don’t know what it will be like after the fusion of alchemy …
While Wang Xuan was meditating, a sergeant suddenly came to the Chenghuang Temple to wish Guo Shouqing a welcome.
The things have arrived!
Wang Xuan immediately got up and rode to the south side in the drizzle of dark black’s military uniform.
The backyard of Chenghuangmiao in the south of the city.