"Do you want to go out and kill some passing guys?"

Hearing this discussion, Olga suddenly raised his head and looked very surprised and sighed.
Wanted to think, after the song Laner had the attention to pinch the ORR Fu Jia face meat discussion way
And I’m unhappy for a long time
This kind of situation is the first time she saw Olga.
"… this discussion is not like you can come out …"
He knows very well that he is an elf, and Greer has never been
Chapter 3 Contract
Black Hole Surface World (Warhammer World)
January 11, 2005
Earth London, England
St Paul’s Cathedral
Sit on the wooden bench in the central hall of the church
Olga looked at the crucifixion statue ahead and asked calmly, "Will this place make you miss the past?"
A tall man looked at the statue not far away and there was a fleeting memory.
"Maybe, after all, I have always remembered the time."
No matter who has experienced many things, he will always miss the past.
Even if he is immortal, he will be no exception.
"In those days, I tried to change the savage concept of ordinary people by religion, and many religions were founded on this planet.
From the oldest primitive nature worship to individual target individual worship
Change teachings step by step and correct mistakes step by step.
And that crucifixion is one of the most successful and fail.
From the initial stage of actively teaching people to be good, to the middle and late stage of corruption, distortion of doctrine, struggle for power and launching religious wars in the name of religion …
All this makes me know that religious belief is still too illusory, and only more practical things can reverse the future of mankind.
Since then.
I will study sociological science and push forward the historical process a little bit, looking forward to changing the current situation of mankind from the grassroots level … "
With that, Lara fell silent, and he didn’t know what he would say to Olga.
Maybe it’s because of the unknown pressure in the distant star, maybe it’s because I’ve been single for too long and need a listener.
I don’t know each other’s psychological changes. Olga gave a light smile after listening to La Hua.
Eyes looked at the distant, deep and dark stars through the overhead shelter and said:
"It sounds great, but all these things don’t seem to come."
The star lock in his eyes means that things are threats.
Even on this planet, he can clearly feel the wanton pervasion of malice.
For Olga, Lara sighed slightly without denying her intention.
When it is never enough, human beings are still too weak … "
Get up and walk to the central cross? Touched the metal carving? Feel the faith left by the cross caster? Olga shook his head calmly.
"What? You have no choice but to call me. "
After a moment of silence? Laura looked solemn and said, "But you pose no less threat than those."
Doesn’t matter what the other side says? Even less alert in each other’s words? Olga looked at each other calmly and said
"What about that?
For you, wine is a dangerous situation of air leakage everywhere.
There are many hungry beasts lurking beside the canoe of human beings.
And I came? At best, let the number of beasts? Just one more.
The qualitative difference is not too big.
But I can make a promise
In 20,000 years, human beings will be able to continue smoothly regardless of threats. "
After Olga finished talking and thought for a while? I soon found out that it was wrong.
"This alone is not enough."
Directly corrected, "What I need is that you can block those threats? Instead of just continuing.
What’s the point of simply lingering?
What I need is that human beings have enough time to develop literature. "
No intention of your own language trap? Be exposed to one’s face
Olga didn’t care enough about pulling the correction.
Just now? It’s the abyss demon that can do it.
Give a discount to the other party’s offer
What if Rajan agrees to that condition? So after Olga was summoned? Freezing a few human civilians at will, if you add insurance for another 20 thousand years, it will be over
It’s also so-called that it can’t be guaranteed for 100 thousand years