She dare not expect a rainbow shadow tragedy, and has told her and her sisters that hiding love in their hearts may be the best way to express love.

Liuqingyun didn’t spy on himself until this time. All four swords of Gengjin Baiyixing Feather Sword are in good condition, including rainbow shadow, cloud flower, real person, martial arts butterfly and Lin Yingzhen.
Liu Qingyun asked Yun Hua’s real rainbow shadow, "How can Qiu Niang go?"
He is still attached to his limited ability to be a monk. If he can have such a state, it would be really dead and willing to Liu Qingyun’s blood boiling at the thought of this difficulty.
Yunhua real person tugged at the sleeve of Rainbow Shadow, and Rainbow Shadow said sadly, "Master has ventured into Qingyun in Tianyin Pavilion, but your sword pet can’t bear such a huge force even through you!"
"Qiu Niang, she …" Liu Qingyun felt that Taishan was coping with the general heart. "Qiu Niang must not have something!"
The thought that she is a powerful monk of Yuan Ying dzogchen pesters her to become her own sword pet and even makes her call her "Qiu Niang!"
Something in Liu Qingyun’s heart was touched. He asked, "Is Qiu Niang okay?"
"Master, she has something!" Rainbow Shadow took out a jade symbol. "This is what the master asked me to give you before she went to sleep. She sealed herself here!" "
"seal?" Liu Qingyun asked, "Does that mean there is still a chance?"
"Little hope!" Rainbow Shadow said, "Master, before she sealed herself, she asked me to give you a message that she didn’t mean to deceive her master. She really wanted to live to be her master, your little sword pet, but she was the first ancestor of Tianyinge Mountain. Sometimes she always sacrificed herself!"
Liu Qingyun’s two lines of tears slipped to show Xie Qiuyao’s self-seal. Maybe one day she will dissipate in this jade symbol. Who will know the day when she will dissipate?
Maybe she will be remembered by herself. He asked the rainbow shadow, "She is not very afraid of falling. Think about it!"
"That’s because the master loves our sisters more and loves Tianyin Pavilion more. She no longer wants us to suffer a little injustice!"
Thinking of that dzogchen friar Liu Qingyun who didn’t have a little dignity, he had to miss her time together. "I won’t let you suffer a little injustice!"
He is now a little monk in the middle of the foundation, but what he said is very weighty to all real people, and no one will take it as a joke by the little monk.
Rainbow shadow clouds and flowers are really holding hands. "We believe you!"
Liuqingyun solemnly took the jade charm and wore it on her chest as cherished as the golden bell of the morning light, but she still had to save the day.
Whether it is a thousand mountains or a thousand waves, he has enough confidence to restore Xie Qiuyao from the seal.
"Qiu Niang, don’t worry, I won’t let them suffer any injustice!"
He was thinking that at this time, the real gentleman who stopped water over there had pulled the curtain and said seriously, "Liu Gong, you are blessed!"
Liu Qingyun looked at a long row of fried rice with eggs and boiled chicken in soup, and there were at least a dozen dishes. "Is this all for me?"
"There are a lot of little girls secretly staring at you!" Even if you are joking, you can say it so solemnly. "If you praise her now, make sure people throw themselves at you!"! But I can make it clear that if you touch everywhere, don’t ruin someone’s chastity! "
"It’s okay to grope?" Liu Qingyun has picked up a bowl of fried rice with eggs. "I’ve been hungry for a long time and just moved!"
"There is no groping in the bed without taking off your clothes, but don’t break the little girl’s chastity!" It’s rare to show a smile when you stop water. "Which one do you like? Shall I introduce you? "
"Everyone likes everyone, and I won’t let them suffer any injustice!" Liu Qingyun replied while eating, "So I want to wipe out these departments!"
According to the truth, in a situation like Liu Qingyun’s, you should eat lightly after getting up, but after the monk built the foundation, it has surpassed the mortal’s big fish and big meat.
It was overeating that swallowed all these dozens of bowls in one breath to stop the water. Zhenjun was really a little worried. "Is the stomach okay?"
The monk’s stomach is different from that of a mortal. Some monks can eat a cow in one breath, but Liu Qingyun’s situation is different. However, he still finished a bowl after bowl. "I won’t let them suffer any injustice!"
Although this is a trivial matter, it is also one thing that Liu Qingyun can do now. He happily ate bowl after bowl and finally ate more than a dozen big bowls and small bowls. My sisters are really good at craftsmanship! "
The gentleman who stopped water watched him eat more than a dozen bowls and couldn’t help but praise, "Or my brother led me to make them have fun!"
"The little girls have good craftsmanship, and Liu Gong has finished eating!" As soon as the words of Zhishui Zhenjun came out, it was already a silvery smile. "These little girls are usually uneducated. I’ll take care of them when the time comes!"
"They are my sisters, too. I don’t agree!"
Counting up, the female abbot of Tianyinge should be Liu Qingyun’s sister according to her age. It is estimated that there are only a handful of female abbots. It is also a joke that "I will spare them first if my brother intercedes!"
She wants to be stuffy and serious, but Liu Qingyun is always not serious or looks like a gentle big sister. "My brother is really a blue cloud brother?" That’s doesn’t even have a yuan baby brother small factions … "
Although Tianyin Pavilion has always been closed, the true gentleman who stops water in the floating clouds mountain knows that Biyunzong can’t even calculate the door, so Liu Qingyun is such an outstanding figure.
Liu Qingyun answered solemnly, "I’m the proud brother of Biyunzong Bai Yujin. Although I’m a refined gas repairer, I won the first honor of refining gas by the master’s love …"
The gentleman who stopped water couldn’t help laughing, "refining gas first?"
A monk like Liu Qingyun, who has a post-yuan baby repair, is also a mid-preconditions monk, even if he doesn’t count his great power. It’s really amazing that he ran to grab the first place in Biyun Zonglian with a magic weapon.
Liu Qingyun is saying, "If you don’t believe me, you will know!"
True gentleman couldn’t help but say, "That younger brother might as well leave us, and Biyunzong of Tianyinge can’t keep you, the hidden dragon …"
When’ tis once spoken, she felt regret. Although I don’t know what means Liuqingyun strengthened to Yuan Ying dzogchen’s repair, even if he is willing to stay in Biyunzong, it must have its own truth.
Liu Qingyun, however, didn’t care about Shuizhijun. He said, "My master Biyunzong loves me the most, so I will stay in Biyunzong!"
"Then come to our Tianyinge more often. Our sisters don’t like not to stink at men’s doors, but just come to us without saying hello!"
Just then, the real gentleman in the mirror outside said, "Sister Shuiping and I have something to talk about. Can you make way first?"
"good!" Stop the water. "I won’t delay my sister Liu Qingyun’s love affair!"
Jing Zhenjun, however, closed the room with a Taoist method from the moment he sat down. "How is she, master?"
Liu Qingyun pointed to the jade symbol on her chest and said, "Here she is!"
The thought of Xie Qiuyao’s self-sealing didn’t leave many words. For the first time, she was really in charge of Tianyinge’s power mirror. Zhenjun said very lonely instead of any joy, "Master, is she self-sealing? But why didn’t she come to me to unseal it but to you? "
"You have a heavy burden!" Liu Qingyun said rudely, "You are the owner of Tianyin Pavilion!"