"Your blood didn’t" aside on sheng leaning against the glass wall face gherardini.

Night Jinze and light tone followed at the same time.
Yue Sheng’s hand gently lifted the gold frame on the bridge of his nose and kindly explained that "this smart glass room recognizes light tone blood"
At night, Jinze heard the words and his eyes were splitting, and his eyes were full of murder! Month! Hey! "
During the night, Jinze did not pay attention to the light tone, and suddenly took the knife from the man’s hand and controlled the appropriate strength, so he rowed toward his wrist.
Not a drop of blood missed the glass brick
Look at the blood in the heart glass ball with a soft voice and expression, while Jinze is pale at night, and she is so frightened and worried that she stares at the woman turning pale, her face hanging down and her hands on both sides of her body are already clenched into fists, and even her fingers are faintly pale.
No, no
Night Jinze constantly comforted himself.
On the 7th and 11th of the night, from the moment he entered the factory, he sent a signal to tell him through his wrist watch that he was surrounded here. Strictly speaking, they were in control of everything in this factory.
Now we need to confirm that Si Yunling is safe, so he can send a signal to Yeqi to storm in here.
Although he had already discussed the route with Yinyin, he must first ensure that Si Yunling and Anke are watching Yinyin’s blood disappear bit by bit. His heart is as deep as a cone, and he is cold all over.
Chapter 22 finale (3)
The glass is full of blood soon.
When the glass brick overflowed at that moment, there suddenly came a ringing sound, just like playing something secret. At that moment, the glass ball filled with blood was suddenly rolled up in the glass brick with a grunt.
Look at it quietly, only to find that every glass brick in front of us is independent and flexible. If the two glass bricks are automatically integrated into one, a smooth blocking port will appear, so the glass wall will appear.
So for a little while, when I was a child, I fixed the glass blood cells in front of me for a second, and they instantly rolled to the top of the glass wall.
But then a shocking scene appeared.
When the glass blood cells rolled to a commanding height, the ball wall suddenly broke, and bright red blood suddenly overflowed into the glass wall, just like capillaries, and the whole glass room wall spread.
Slowly, the whole glass room presents a reddish wall, and each glass brick moves and overlaps, and the whole glass wall slowly sinks towards the ground at the same time.
The loud rumbling noise on the ground made the light sound go backwards for a long time before it came to my mind. The so-called way to get into the glass room turned out to be to wait until all the glass walls settled underground.
In addition to the ground, there is a muffled noise in the air.
After a long silence, I suddenly felt a touch of familiar mint cold on my wrist.
The light tone suddenly looked down, only to find that the night Jinze hand did not know when it was actually holding a cell repair instrument and was seriously healing his wrist.
Light voice, wide eyes and surprised look "?" This guy even brought a cell repair device?
Pull pull in distress situation corners of the mouth light tone glance and looked at the month sheng alert, the original also worried about whether the month sheng and what will happen? Moths are not allowed to let her heal the wound, but I didn’t want to when she looked at it, only to find that the month sheng was turned to look up at the distant face and there was an unspeakable excitement and tension.
Light tone suddenly one leng quickly followed the man’s line of sight and looked into the distance.
The line of sight falls in the distance, and it is bigger than the arc radar, and the eyebrows are frowning again.
What, does she think Yue Sheng seems to care about this radar?
Since she came to this floor, she has seen Yue Sheng more than once, looking at the radar with a strange eagerness.
If she is curious about radar, it’s because it’s the first time she’s seen it so huge, and there’s still a place where the lab shouldn’t be. It’s hard to be more curious
But isn’t it a little too high for a radar owner who often stays here and often sees this radar?
I always feel that something is wrong when I think of Tsukiyomi ikuto’s previous ban on light tone with myself.
It’s so abnormal
It’s so abnormal
He Jun is close to Yue Sheng, and he has never been to Jun, and even their initiative to exchange hostages was rejected by Yue Sheng without hesitation.
Yue sheng can’t help but know that he has offended the fox family. If there is no more sea family, he will be unable to move in the future. He can’t help but understand the importance of this matter.
And what brought them here with no intention
She doesn’t believe that a thoughtful person like Yue Sheng would never know what Jinze will do here later. No one should make such a serious mistake, even if he is overconfident.
Is Yue Sheng going to destroy them here? So this is just going to leave them alone? You want to save Jun because you think you are going to die?
Cocoa is wrong.
The line of sight falls far away. The man is jumping and excited. His face is light and his eyes are blank.
Where does this guy look like he’s going to die?
Chapter 23 finale (4)
The glass wall soon fell to a height that people could leap over.
Light tone in my heart can’t wait. Jinze said a few words gently at night, and then Jinze quickly took out two bottles of exquisite blue potion from his pocket and handed it over.
Light tone eyes show zheng one second nasty will bottle in his hand and jumped over the glass wall toward the operating table Siyun ling ran to.
Outside the glass wall, Jinze looked worried and wanted to be in front of him, but he kept in mind the sound, so he must pay great attention to Yue Sheng. When he came to move, he had to fight back. While watching the light sound closely, he kept glancing at Yue Sheng in the distance and walked to the front of the radar.
Before the operating table
Carefully pull out the medicine tube inserted into the man’s arms before the light tone.
"O ink? Amo? " Gently bend down and bend down in front of the man, raise your hand and cover Si Yunling’s neck and feel the faint pulse. Suddenly, there is a light in his eyes, and he quickly shivers and starts to beat the night. Jinze just gives her blue spar liquid and quickly pours it into the man’s mouth without saying anything.
Struggling to hold the man’s bust on the cold operating table, he kept rubbing the big holes in the man’s head and kept calling each other "A Mo?" ! Amo! "
quite a while
Maybe it’s out of drug control, or maybe it’s blue spar liquid. It’s always rare for a man to tremble his eyelashes, and the whole person finally has a little reaction
Light tone said a pleased quickly and gently patting the man cheek was anxious "ink? Mo, wake up! It’s me. I’m Ayin! I came to save you with Ye Jinze. Wake up quickly! "
Familiar with the sound, the man’s eyelashes are raised and he is trembling. It seems that he is also trying to open his eyes.
Difficulty than open blue fox pupil Si Yunling slightly narrowed his eyes and some foggy eyes looked at the front person’s dry lip angle and moved "Ah Yin"
The ecstasy in light tone’s eyes is much slower than quickly giving another bottle of blue spar liquid to Si Yunling this time.
"Better? How do you feel now? Can you walk? " Once again, I feel that the blue spar has a strong healing effect. Looking at the man in front of me, his eyes are slowly recovering, and even his breath is becoming more and more stable.
Si Yunling nodded weakly and looked up at the fox pupil around him. "Where is this?" Why is he here?
Light voice quickly explained concisely, "In front of our country A border, there is an abandoned small factory, which has been built into an experimental building by Yuesheng. There are many biochemical people in five floors here. We are on the top floor at night 7 and 11, and they have surrounded here. When we make sure that you are safe, we can send a signal to let them storm here."
Holding the pale face, Si Yunling got up and whispered a face of worry. "Are you sure you can go now? Really no problem? "
"No problem" Si Yunling gasped, and his breath was not smooth. His forehead was pale and cold. "Let’s go."
Do you remember how you got here? I remember that something cold plunged into his arm and then I lost consciousness.
He seems to have slept for a long time.
In the dream, he was in terrible pain all over, but he couldn’t wake up.
The line of sight quickly looked around. Si Yunling looked at the bottles full of various drugs, and his eyes suddenly darkened.
Is he being treated as a drugged person?
Well, although he is awake now, his brain is still confused. Unfortunately, now is not the time for him to remember well, otherwise he is really curious about what Yue Sheng did to him.
Holding Si Yunling’s hand, he walked quickly toward the night Jinze, thinking of gesturing to the other party, but just looking up and whispering, he saw a picture of interest appeared in front of the night Jinze.