Double swords strike generate with a great force, and two figures retreat at the same time.

The volume of jade Qing jade book in the thorn half is also overwhelmed by two forces and directly torn in half!
The shining golden giant retreated to win the day with half a jade book in his hand.
White virtual shadow with the other half back to post Sandy handed it over.
Win day holding half jade qing jade book face some ugly.
He lost a lot this time, such treasures as Pu didn’t get it, not to mention that even the most important jade Qing jade book got half.
Post Sandy also gently Cu Emei reveals a trace of regret and regret.
But on second thought, it’s better to get half of it than to go home with it.
What’s more, with this half jade Qing jade album, she can win the day and negotiate to combine the two to practice at the same time to achieve a win-win situation.
This matter is not urgent, but we can take a long-term view.
Su Mo was ready to leave here when he saw that the situation was set.
Although he didn’t get the jade book, he gained a lot from his trip, and getting many treasures including Pu was of great help to his practice.
At this time, Win Day suddenly turned to look at Sumo and made no secret of the murder in his heart. "Sumo should find you to settle my brokeback!"
Sandy also turned around and looked at Su Mo not far away.
Emperor, emperor daughter at the same time moved to kill heart!
Although they have encountered many dangers, they have been beaten so badly in the hands of monks of the same rank.
And this is the case that two people join hands, and the other party is still two small realms lower than them!
If Su Mo is allowed to leave here alive, it will be a shame for both of them!
If you can win the day, you really want to kill both Jin Yu and Lin Luo, who know about it!
Win the sky and post Sandy hand half jade qing jade book fracture sends out a burst of divine light.
This divine light generate gives a powerful force to directly tear and collapse around two people to form a dark and deep black hole.
"This is …"
Win days and post Sandy was stuck look dumbfounded.
Then win the day to react with a low shout.
For a moment, the black hole exudes a huge pulling force, dragging Win Tian and the shining golden giant around him in.
Win day shout a want to struggle out.
Unfortunately, it is too late.
This tunnel gradually swallowed him and the shining golden giant and finally disappeared.
On the other side, Sandy and the white shadow were also involved in a tunnel and soon disappeared into the hall.
Heal in an instant as if nothing had happened.
But there are only three people left in the hall!
Su Mo, Lin Luo and Jin Yu
Su Mo and Lin Luo are frowning slightly thoughtfully.
Jin Yu’s eyes rolled and his eyes flashed.
He is even an enemy of Su Mo, not to mention that Su Mo and Lin Luo joined forces.