This person can’t react.

BeiMingXue strided to the front of the domestic slave, stretched out his palm and clenched it into a fist, then punched the domestic slave in the chest.
There’s nothing high-handed. This punch is straight.
But this domestic slave can’t resist the whole person flying backwards like a sharp arrow and hitting the courtyard wall!
The domestic slave stared at his eyes, his face was full of incredible colors, and his chest had sunk deeply and slowly slipped off the wall, leaving no breath.
North Ghost Snow smashed this man’s chest bone with one punch!
A cobweb crack appeared on the wall behind the man!
The power of this punch is terrible!
When the other two slaves saw this scene, they gasped.
Although they are Godsworn Tsukiji, they are still startled to see such a terrorist outbreak.
It’s such a slight absence that North Ghost Snow has come to the front of another slave, reaching out with a white and tender palm and backhand to strike the crown of the slave.
This slave’s neck is instantly broken!
This person’s head was actually pressed into the chest by the palm of North Ghost Snow and killed on the spot!
"Bitch you you you …"
The last domestic slave was too scared to speak clearly.
North ghost snow came to the man and said simply, "You can go too, and you can have a companion on the way to death."
North Ghost Snow stretched out her palm and slapped the man with a big mouth.
The man turned his head and neck for more than ten times before he stopped and was already dead.
Plop the body to the ground!
The whole process is only three breaths.
Three Godsworn Tsukiji were already dead on the spot!
Sue ink secretly nodded.
Beimingxue is quiet and looks like a weak and gentle girl.
But if you start, it’s a decisive war, not procrastinating and clean!
Until now the nangongshan jade to react.
He is a game-writing protocol leopard, growling at the North Ghost Snow, threatening and growling, but he dare not go forward easily!
The demon clan is the most sensitive to danger.
Just now, although there was no real outbreak of qi and blood, it still showed some.
The snow leopard in Beiming smells a trace of danger!
This feeling is more terrible than facing a pure blood fierce beast!
Although this game-writing protocol leopard is then in the realm, it is still afraid to make a move.