I heard the joke in Xia Shigu’s words, and the corner of the mouth of Baiyun Tower was pulled and quickly answered, "I’m too flattering my brother, and I haven’t understood what avenue I’m talking about, and I’m also pushing for humanity when I say those words with Aunt Cat."

Chapter six hundred and ninety-one Unexpected destruction
Xia Shigu nodded slightly and was about to praise two sentences at will. I didn’t expect this big brother to suddenly come to the party and then just stopped talking.
"Brother just saw that the cat’s young aunt was ambitious, and sooner or later Donglai was in the bag, so he said two more words …"
After a little meal at the Baiyun Tower, I said, "I heard today that the Lord of the country actually realized that the administration of the country was so mysterious five years ago."
"A ruler needs to have a big mind and a big vision. It’s a pity that my brother doesn’t like to strategize. If you are ambitious, you might as well ask the Lord for advice."
Xia Shigu heard that the number of jumps in her eyes seemed to want to turn away, but she finally listened patiently.
Take a deep breath and Xia Shigu replied leisurely, "Cloud Tower has a unique vision, but it’s a pity that I don’t like strategizing either. If Cloud Tower has a feeling, it might as well teach Xiao Chaoyang a thing or two."
"Little Chaoyang ….." Baiyun Tower turned to look but saw Xia pool staring at her eyes like stars flashing and overflowing with affection.
"Brother … shouting about Xiao Chaoyang?" Hear master elder brother calling his name Zhao-yang Xia this just during the just asked 1.
See pool stay cute appearance Baiyun Lou couldn’t help but gently rubbed pool hair replied with a smile.
"Aunt asked my senior brother to give Chaoyang some ideas about governing the country, but it’s a pity that my senior brother also has limited understanding. But now that my younger sister has got this crystal palace, she can be in charge of the whole East China Sea aquarium, and there is no difference between governing a country and the vast East China Sea aquarium."
"Ah … you can also be in charge of the pool of aquarium in the East China Sea on vacation …" Zhao-yang Xia couldn’t help being dumbfounded.
I knew that Xia Martial Sister would react in this way, and the Baiyun Building laughed. "Martial Sister needs to worry about the existing countermeasures of the senior brother … Chaoyang will bring the crown back to the Crystal Palace, and we will solve this matter."
Upon hearing this, Zhao-yang Xia immediately lost his worries, took out his crown with a golden awn and flashed the dragon palace with a smile, and the momentum of the Lord was instantly restored. He quickly fled back to the small world of the Crystal Palace with the master elder brother.
Looking at the back of the two people, Xia Shigu is also very curious. I wonder if this big brother can help Xiao Chaoyang solve this matter.
They returned to the front of the Crystal Palace Dragon Hall, and a group of sirens had lined up at the front of the hall.
Baiyun Tower and others stood still and watched the Lord of the new Crystal Palace come on stage.
Xia Chaoyang walked slowly alone in the hall, and the master elder brother read instructions, and his breath became more and more high.
Go to the last step and suddenly turn around, and the whole Crystal Palace will vibrate with it.
"From today, the East China Sea Dragon Palace reappears, and all the East China Sea Aquariums are under the jurisdiction of the Dragon Palace. All the sea monsters entering the East China Sea can be sheltered by the Dragon Palace."
"The sun and the moon shine on everything, and there is a way for all living things. All the people in the East China Sea should work together as terrans to safeguard the operation of heaven, and we must not arbitrarily manifest our magical powers and cause trouble."
Xia Chaoyang, wearing a dragon crown, read out the words spoken by the master elder brother.
As soon as this was said, the Qi outside the Crystal Palace rolled like a tide, and all the demons in the Dragon Palace leaned over to worship.
The mysterious qi qi took these two words across the whole East China Sea, and all the creatures in the East China Sea felt it.
Living in a muddle, thousands of creatures see the light in chaos.
The Dragon Palace in the East China Sea once again branded the depths of the demon soul of the East China Sea creatures.
The more thousands of miles of wishes, the more many a little makes a mickle. Finally, it merged into a storm of wishes and circled into the Dragon Palace.
May the force storm emerge from the Dragon Palace as if the splendid Milky Way flowed into the crown along the tidal machine.
Xia Chaoyang in front of the main hall never dreamed that some words could cause such a movement.
Positive thinking of Zhao-yang Xia mind suddenly interrupted a wide into the whole East China Sea.
At the same time, the coronation transformed the will into pure spirit and raised Xia Chaoyang’s spirit.
Unconsciously, I know that the sea flower Gong Yang’s body is getting brighter and brighter, and bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam.
A vast amount of pure and pure mental thoughts have piled Xia Chaoyang’s still-incomplete Yang Shen body into a distraction.
Xiaohua Ling has long been aware of the outside world’s abnormal fear of disturbing the young master and has been waiting in the flower palace.
I don’t know, in a flash, the young master’s mind suddenly changed like a natural thing, and he separated two souls in succession.
After the separation of two separate souls, those pure thoughts have converged a lot, but they still continue to flow into the distracted body
Xiaohua Ling seems to think of something. Some people are scrambling to lift their fingers and draw a small bud from the virtual.
In some hectic places, after a small bud, I grabbed two fairy lights and bright fairy lotus, and the fairy tactic will enter the two souls of the young master.
It was a great sigh of relief to see two fairy lotus flowers gradually merging into two separate souls and eyebrows.
This kind of immortal lotus flower spirit bred by the fairy court has hidden four mysterious ones with the same root and homology.
One was given to the elder martial sister Ziyan at the earliest, and the remaining three are connected with each other. It is miraculous to refine the soul nucleus.
It would be bad if the fourth soul was transformed from the young master’s spirit. With the help of the little flower spirit, you can’t change the redundant fairy lotus.
Ok, ok … Xiaohua Ling feels glad that I suddenly feel tired.
Just after I finished exerting my strength, I forgot the relaxation of Xianlian’s heaviness. I was so sleepy that I found Xiaoyun’s bed and curled up and fell asleep.
My mind is still wandering in the East China Sea. Although Xia Chaoyang feels more relaxed, he doesn’t know that he just learned something about Haihua Palace.
It was not until I sensed that the knowledge of the sea flower palace changed and the knowledge of the gods fled back to the knowledge of the sea that I sensed the opposite of the flower palace and made a three-point soul. Xia Chaoyang immediately blindsided.
This is … ecstasy?
What’s the state? Master Brother seems to have said that this is a distraction … Xia Chaoyang, who is distracted, can’t help but exult.
I sensed the remaining two soul-splitting fairy lotus, and then I looked at the tired little flower spirit. Xia Chaoyang immediately realized that it was only with the help of the little flower spirit that he conveniently achieved three soul-splitting.
Yes, the soul nucleus is condensed into three points. Xia Chaoyang is not from one leng.
Master elder brother said before, however, that if the soul is condensed out of the core, there will be no extra soul.
That is to say, there are three ways to divide the soul after being distracted, while the senior has nine ways. Xia Chaoyang secretly has some entanglements …
But on second thought, it’s a little flower spirit tossing out three things. It seems that it’s easier to practice.
Reading this, Xia Chaoyang felt that his mind was unobstructed and he unconsciously came back to his body.
Chapter six hundred and ninety-two The dragon king’s bedroom
With your eyes open, you’re already staring at a group of extremely worshiped siren Xia Chaoyang, but you don’t feel a little flustered.
I turned my head and looked at my brothers and sisters, which was full of encouragement.
Xia Chaoyang made a slight movement, thinking about the imperial crown and running the Dragon Palace small world. The mysterious qi machine turned into dragon gas and poured it into the monster body of the step square group.
Seeing this opportunity, the snake escaped from the group of demons and accepted a dragon spirit with peace of mind
With the mysterious dragon breathing into the body, the spirit beast leaps into the snake body, and the blood seems to be activated. The charm around the body seems to have broken through, and a small bump appears on the top of the head.
It seems that something special has happened to Chengteng snakes. Some of them didn’t hold back the clouds and billowed and danced in front of the Dragon Temple steps.
As the dragon spirit enters the body, the Yu Hai demon also changes, and there is a little less demon spirit and a wisp of dragon spirit.
"All the demons in the Crystal Palace have ordered you to guard the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea since today."
"Make it!" After the dragon’s breath washing and training, even the group of shrimp, soldiers and crabs can speak.
"The turtle demon has ordered him to take the post of Prime Minister of the Dragon Palace and take charge of things in the Dragon Palace from today."
"The old turtle is in command". The turtle demon has just come down with a set of official hats, which is very interesting to watch.
"Claw orders that from today on, take the post of supervisor of the Dragon Palace and take charge of rewards and punishments to maintain order in the East China Sea."
"Claw leads life" condenses into a golden token with Qi Qi’s falling claws, while carving the words of reward and punishment.
"Demon crabs are ordered to take the position of Dragon Palace Golden Crab General from today …"
"Manatees listen to order to take the position of Dragon Palace Jinniuwei from today …"
Without the master elder brother studying for Chaoyang Xia, I gradually gained self-confidence, and the more I spoke, the smoother I got. I arranged all the sea monsters properly, and even the little clam monster arranged a temple master’s sinecure.