Liu Qingshuang lifted her eyelids slightly and sighed gently.

Bai Jing’s expression is very exciting.
Well, he was born in a noble family, so he didn’t break into the official residence in Dean County, although the official residence in Dean County was quite humble.
Far away, I saw Cheng Jinzhou floating over and Bai Jing patted the red face and said, "Mr. Cheng, you must come with us to see if we have made it."
"Sulfuric acid?" Cheng Jinzhou’s hands-on ability is very weak, but he finally participates in the research projects of various astrologers. When necessary, Yi Su can help him and know the research progress of everyone like the back of his hand.
Bai Jing excitedly said, "The lead room method has succeeded. Now the lead room is 1 cubic meter, and our horse can build bigger."
"What about the concentration?"
Cheng Jinzhou started to float in the direction of Bai Jing. Although he didn’t immediately convert it into a new star array, it was easier to manipulate it for his own anti-gravity star array. Now he has a joint star array and doesn’t pay much attention to low-level star arrays.
Bai Jing kept on saying, "With sulfuric acid, we can make nitroglycerin on a large scale, then blast mines to produce coal mines, then coal mines to produce nitric acid, and at the same time, we can make machinery. Unfortunately, there is no sulfur near De ‘an, so we have to widen the Jian River to carry more materials."
"Don’t worry, we will make it soon." Cheng Jinzhou was also a little excited.
Sulfuric acid is the cornerstone of modern industry, and it is indispensable for making guns and guns, smelting iron and gold, and it is found in fertilizer and agriculture.
If astrologers can industrially produce sulfuric acid, they can increase the mining of various raw materials in a short time.
Cheng Jinzhou rubs his hands and rings, and it will be more convenient for him to exchange transactions when the trading scale is large in the summer, and the level of Gaoxing League will be much easier.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-nine Royal Decree
The earliest production of sulfuric acid was in the 15th century, when it was popular to co-heat copperas with sand or mix sulfur with saltpeter to get sulfuric acid directly.
Nowadays, the manufacturing technology in summer has not been greatly improved, and the astrologers need a small amount of sulfuric acid. Since the apprentices are not curious about the burning resistance of bears, there is naturally no urgent need for sulfuric acid.
However, it is no longer suitable for Cheng Jinzhou to want large-scale production and simple process production. Regardless of the great wave of raw materials, it is unbearable that the production speed is slow
Bai Jing and others, Cheng Jinzhou, have already set the lead sulfate chamber method as the first step of industrialization. Although it was said by Cheng Jinzhou, it was all because of their own difficulties in completing the experiment. Students from Xiao Cheng couldn’t help at all.
As a doctor of physics, his understanding of chemistry is limited to theory, so-called industrial production, and the scientific community is also a real part in the 21 ST century
Yi Su emerged from behind Cheng Jinzhou with a flowing tail and looked around. "The agent is really comfortable."
"Can it be more comfortable than a guest?" Cheng Jinzhou glanced at the ring.
"Guests are like officials you know. They are powerful but comfortable, but they can’t compare with businessmen."
"Chinese civil servants or American?" Cheng Jinzhou knows that Izu knows the world before crossing.
Yi Su laughed and said, "American style, of course."
"Poor guest" Cheng Jinzhou shrugged his shoulders and heaved a sigh. "It’s a pity that we are not a big businessman, otherwise we will abuse this little Buddha to death and let him enjoy a fight against the Buddha’s previous life and future generations."
"There’s a whole planet for you to develop, and I can’t help it if there’s no interference." Yisu shook his head. "In recent years, few Star Alliance agents have had such luck as you. Cherish the current guest and it’s estimated that you won’t have any leisure days. Maybe he has already started work."
Cheng Jinzhou doesn’t like former classmates to create a horrible atmosphere, but he has to admit that danger is a reality.
"You set up your own industry, develop your own industry, and find your own production. Maybe in a few thousand years, you will become a star alliance, and there will be a seat in the House of Representatives to enjoy the fruits of corruption …" Yi Su somehow became cynical.
Cheng Jinzhou raises his eyebrows and certainly won’t pick up the words.
Bai Jing half-dragged Cheng Jinzhou to see his laboratory lead room method. To put it simply, it is to burn the surrounding fire with sulfur and saltpeter pile lead. Here is the coal mine. There is no shortage of raw materials for fuel, which can be bought from other places and brought back by water transportation. Cheng Jinzhou can also find ways to reduce it to.
The only trouble is that the production speed of lead is not cheap. It is no problem to change it into gold without being dissolved by sulfuric acid, but it is a method to change it into copper and iron.
Cheng Jinzhou knew the problem of lead chamber method, but still listened carefully to Bai Jing’s explanation. Several astrologers also looked at him with dribbling eyes.
At that moment, Cheng Jinzhou remembered the school substitute day. Stupid freshmen always looked at everyone who went to the podium magically. If there was a nymphomaniac, the little girl would think that a young doctoral student was a high-ranking person-maybe at the age of 2, the professors could worship that kind of person.
Leijiacha etc students suddenly feel very responsible, "doing very well, meeting the demand is quite good."
Bai Jing Liao Kai Qian Lan and Zhu Jingsheng both jumped up as if Cheng Jinzhou had admitted to giving them great encouragement.
Until Cheng Jinzhou was sent back to the county government, Bai Jing was in high spirits.
June 5th is the hottest time in Jinchuan.
Trees with big green leaves hang their heads and dare not show their faces to the sun’s father-in-law. The grass is a little bolder, hiding in the shadow of shrubs and having fun alone. A few mice scurry along the path like climbers to reach the top of the small mountain, and then they stretch their necks and look at the winding motorcade of the provincial road, just like narrowing the daylight wolf.
Knights in the motorcade wear standard armor, goggles and knee pads, and shoulder lock armor to ease their posture from their shoulders. Handmade suits and standard suits with no special shoulder treatment are often twice as expensive as armor.
If there is a noble family in the past, he will surely find that the cavalry knight armor is unusually good, and the costumes of the leading few people may be more valuable than the small nobles’ fiefs. Unfortunately, no one will be poor and flat.
Although no one can understand his armor, and no one can understand his thoroughbred horse, the knights are still stubborn. They take off their helmets and hang the front of the saddle, holding the whip in one hand and their waists are straight.
"It’s 3 kilometers away from Shaonan County, and it’s announced that the imperial court has ordered everyone to have a three-day holiday. Now it’s all cheer me up." The leading knight’s pure legs control the horse with his left hand leaning on his sword and posing as a good man in troubled times. Unfortunately, he has become hoarse after several days of traveling. If he is one year younger, the knight’s hoarse voice may be called "magnetic"
"Dunhu either sent someone to play before it was better to inform a trip to Jinzhou." The speaker also sat on a thoroughbred horse but wore a robe.
"What’s the hurry? I’d like to see if he is like a fish village, like exploiting Dean." The harsh tone is also from the rear, but it is a famous male monk Muyinxing warlock in Beijing