Looking at the cultivated mountains in the mountains, the sky is far away, and everyone is shocked at this time.

Flip the palm of your hand and everyone feels very dizzy, but they fall out and fall to the ground.
The tent was quiet for a while before the younger brothers marveled that "Brother Haohua’s magical power is the first in history, even if we teach magical power in Zongmen Town, it can’t be compared."
"That is, brother, this magical world has become a world of creation. It’s really magical and magical."
"Two younger brothers should be careful not to make trouble for their senior brothers".
When this statement comes out, everyone wakes up. If the avatar is stronger than the town’s avatar, wouldn’t it be trouble for Jade Duxiu again?
Jade Duxiu doesn’t mind that his avatar will be used sooner or later, so it’s better to be generous than to deceive everyone.
Jade Duxiu received the palm of his hand and gently coughed, "Gossip Hugh didn’t have the ventilation channel. The imperial army of the National People’s Congress Yan is worthless. You’d better come up with a plan, such as breaking the enemy’s early invasion of Dayan territory."
Chapter 229 People get away with it.
Hear jade Duxiu this all is bowed their heads and meditation.
In order to defeat the other army, there are two problems to be solved first. First, the number of our own army is far less than that of the other side. Of course, this is not counting the tens of thousands of prisoners. Who can guarantee that 60,000 prisoners will not take the opportunity to make a fuss?
The first Er Ru breaks the enemy, but it cannot consume its own strength too much.
"Brother’s palm is dry and Kun Wei can be poor. Isn’t it the end of the army?" He muttered a wonderful thing.
Jade Duxiu stared at that wonderful thing. This is sheer nonsense. It is indeed possible to put the other department in the palm of your hand, but what about later?
All kinds of causes and effects, Yan Guoyun’s self-attack, isn’t it all about him? It’s not like he’s stupid. Taiping Road will put his life on the line.
"If the Japanese prisoner dares to retreat after the front door lock gold, he must be killed by the door lock gold. If he rushes straight at it, he will inevitably break the enemy formation. We can take the opportunity to defeat the enemy at one stroke." Seeing everyone frowning, he struggled to stand alone.
"We’ll obey the general’s decree," all the soldiers shouted.
On the second day, the sun just rose, winning the camp gathering and drumming for miles.
Several soldiers will quickly gather here.
It was the flag that shook for a moment in the hand that the jade solo didn’t speak.
"Report that the general is opposite the camp." Jade Duxiu’s army was about to leave but listened to the scouts and returned.
Jade Duxiu is one leng, slowly frowning. There is no reason why the other party actually retreated.
Today, Jade Duxiu is ready for each other’s hard work, but never thought that the other party actually retreated, which is definitely beyond Jade Duxiu’s expectation.
"What tricks are these two guys playing after retreating?" Yu Duxiu muttered to Li Yunhui around him. "What’s General Li’s opinion?"
Li Yunhui did a little meditation and then said, "That Liu Yu’s withdrawal is really weird. At the end, either Liu Yu knows that he has lost to the strength of the door lock, and he wants the general to do a decisive battle or play some tricks."
"I’m not afraid of his decisive battle, but I’m afraid of what tricks he will do." Jade Duxiu put away the flag and pointed it at the detective. "Quickly explore the enemy’s tracks dozens of miles away in Fiona Fang, and tens of thousands of troops of the other side will not suddenly disappear and there will be traces left."
"Yes" scouts smell speech hurried back.
"The army stood by" Yu Duxiu showed his military orders and turned back to the camp.
"Which of you five people can walk on clouds?" Jade Duxiu frowning way
Five people all shook their heads. "Brother joked that few of his peers would be walking around. Our strength is far from that of brother. This is far from walking around."
"Alas," Jade Duxiu sighed gently, "Forget it and retire."