Taiwan is also a palm, that is, Fang Xiang and others can’t help but be infected by the atmosphere of Ding Sanshi or Netease

Is there entertainment in Shenzhen to be reimbursed by the department tonight?
To put it bluntly, although everyone at the scene may be embarrassed to spend this money, what if it is spent? And according to these people’s identities, it’s not easy to spend hundreds of thousands a night alone. And a hundred people, that’s ten million!
When Zhengfang wanted to wait for people to be shocked by Ding Sanshi’s atmosphere, Ding Sanshi once again raised his glass and walked towards Fangxiang’s table.
Once again, the focus is on Fang Xiang and others.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-two What are you?
Fang wants to wait for someone to watch and come slowly towards his side. Ding Sanshi also has a nerve-racking feeling.
For example, if people like Ma Yun came over, they would not feel this way.
After all-
Fang thought they were playing Netease Fantasy Westward Journey!
So many years of youth have also contributed to the dream westward journey.
In Fantasy Westward Journey, players complain about what they like to say most, and what kind of Ding Sanshi is my father?
At this time, when I saw Ding Sanshi coming towards my side with a smile on his face, I thought it was unnatural to wait for someone.
It was also at this time that Ding Sanshi filled the goblet in his hand.
He went to Fang Xiang and others and said with a smile
"I won’t say anything more. You should know what I propose to you."
"I have two words to say to you guys, and that is-"
"thank you"
After finishing this sentence and drinking this glass of wine, Ding Sanshi walked towards the outside of the room. When he quickly walked outside the room, he didn’t turn his head, but his hand was higher than his head and he waved a few times.
"Everyone, wait until the game is over and I’ll celebrate for you!"
Looking at that road, everyone once felt that the figure was bigger than the invasion, and people couldn’t help but squint.
It was not until this time that they knew how much Ding Sanshi or Netease attached to the game Fantasy Westward Journey.
The most painful thing about the dream journey to the west is not the player but the game company!
It’s also the cafeteria. After that door closes,
Ding Sanshi turned his head and took a deep breath. He said to his sidekick.
"Ah? I wasn’t ashamed just now, was I? "
Hearing Ding Sanshi’s words, the attendant around Ding Sanshi was stunned, and then Ding Sanshi went on to say at this time
"Mom eggs just that a few guys every family background is as good as our netease, ok? On the one hand, I am doing this to please them, on the other hand, I want to completely bind them with Fantasy Westward Journey or Netease. Otherwise, your ex-Su Jia’s novel will make me make such a drastic change to Fantasy Westward Journey. Would I do it? "
Hear Ding Sanshi words that entourage is also put out a thumb to Ding Sanshi said.
"The boss is tall!"
This flattery is also a proper benefit. Ding Sanshi smiled with satisfaction and immediately changed his face and said
"Mom quickly helped me back to my room to rest. I drank two glasses of red wine faster than that, and my belly was a little swollen!"
"But speaking this Shenzhen International Hotel is too watery! Not to mention the presidential suite, but there is nothing in the business suite. I am a big boss of Netease and even his mother sleeps! "
Speaking of which, Ding Sanshi felt that his stomach had been tumbling desperately, and hurriedly ran towards the front of the corridor to wash his hands.
At this time, everyone in the cafeteria still doesn’t know the situation in Ding Sanshi. Everyone thinks that seeing this Ding Sanshi real person is really better than seeing the aura of the net, so don’t drink much, okay?
There are still many people in the mall who regard Ding Sanshi as their idol and goal, and if Ding Sanshi knows this, he doesn’t know whether the latter should cry or laugh.
It was also at this time that Ding Sanshi walked behind and thought about their dreamer team. This table was also surrounded by many team members.
After all, Netease’s big bosses have come to toast them before, so what are they pretending to be?
Although there are some headaches, the horse race is coming, and no one will propose a toast. What are drinks and juice instead of drinks? Only then can they clink glasses.
To "toast" these people and Fang Xiang and others are not familiar with it, but the two great gods, the ending and Han Xuanxuan, are still very excited here. After all, two people can almost represent more than half of the old urk! And what is old urk? That’s the strongest celestial group in Fantasy Westward Journey!
So far, no one dares to say that he can beat old urk.
After all, Suk’s tens of millions-level weapon alone has already made several people tremble.
Almost all the teams in the cafeteria came to talk with Fang Xiang, and they clinked glasses. Two teams didn’t come.
The first team is naturally the Hu Zhipeng team.
Zhi-peng hu see all around like ZhongXingPengYue think that a table face is more gloomy.
It can even be said that black is about to drip water.
And the other table didn’t go to propose a toast to Fang Xiang, but Fang Xiang thought that they would pick up the team that is likely to have the flu in the semi-finals and finals.
But to everyone’s surprise, there is one boy in the flu team, and all the remaining four departments are girls, and their substitutes don’t seem to have come with five main players.
At the moment, they are quietly sitting in their seats and coldly looking at those dream friends who constantly communicate with Fang Xiang and say hello to them.
When I saw this, Hu Zhipeng also sneered. As soon as he got up from his seat and held a cup of watermelon juice, he walked over to the flu team.
As the saying goes, enemies are friends.
It is also this idea that Hu Zhipeng came to the front of the flu.
He smiled and greeted the flu.
"hell, man, I’m Shenwei Group. My name is Hu Zhipeng. Nice to meet you."
After saying this sentence, he could feel that the flu should pick up the glass and clink it with him, but he never thought that the flu didn’t even look at him, but his eyes kept falling to the other side, and Hu Zhipeng’s face was a little stiff at this time
What is this?
It’s not that you don’t take back your glass and you don’t take it back.
"Dude, you see, we were thinking that their opponents are now horses, and you should be their opponents. The so-called enemy is a friend. Shall we make friends?"
Hu Zhipeng forced out a smile and then said to the flu
It is also at this time that after listening to Hu Zhipeng’s words, the flu turned to look at Hu Zhipeng. Just as Hu Zhipeng was about to talk about the flu, a beautiful girl beside him disdained to hum and said
"If you want to make friends with our brother, don’t look at what you are?"
Chapter three hundred and ninety-three Admission
It’s really a bit ugly to say this.
One second
Zhi-peng hu face also instantaneous y sink.
I was just about to talk about the flu, and my eyes were frivolous.
"You should be great Dapeng family? You are Hu Zhipeng, right? "