The soup in the hands of monitor Li and glasses is human broth. If they drink it, they will become half-bereaved, and they will not be able to join them when the time comes.

This move is really vicious.
"No, you can’t let them drink it, but there are so many people and guns here. If they stop themselves, they will definitely do it themselves, and they will be very dangerous." Lin Ying looked at monitor Li and glasses with bowls in her heart and tried to turn her head, hoping to find a better way to get them out of danger.
At this time, a wild animal suddenly roared outside the car. "Ho ~ ~ Woo ~ ~"
Screaming one after another
At this time, there was a commotion among people around Lin Ying, and several people scrambled to pull the curtains around the car and block up the windows.
The light in the whole room immediately dimmed, and an energy-saving lamp on the top of the head gave off a faint light to illuminate the people.
Chapter 42 Chaos
There was a roar of wild animals outside the car, and the people in the room immediately stopped talking, and the whole gas was cold.
"roar ~ ~"
A wild animal passed by the window and roared.
Lin Ying couldn’t finish these beasts outside the window, but focused on the glasses and the soup bowl in the hands of monitor Li.
There is human broth in the bowl of two people’s hands. If two people drink this soup, they will definitely become half-bereaved. How should they face their identity then?
The howling of wild animals outside the house continued, as if those wild animals were yelling at the car, so that people in the car couldn’t breathe.
Lin Ying doesn’t know what’s going on outside, but she can guess that wandering outside must be those military dogs in the factory.
Lin Ying listened to what was going on outside with her ears sideways, and finally determined that the military dog wandering around the car belonged to an evolutionary beast rather than a zombie dog.
"Bang bang!"
The wild animals outside hit the window and scratched the glass.
These windows seem to be special glass, no matter how the wild animals paddle outside, they don’t rot at all.
A moment later, there were fewer wild animals outside, and Lin Ying felt that those wild animals seemed to have left them, so she came to the car and turned around and left.
This makes Lin Ying feel a little incredible.
Gradually, the beast barked out of the window and disappeared, and the gas in the car relaxed.
"These animals will beat them all up sooner or later." Commander Wang said to himself in the car again.
Commander Wang paced back and forth for two steps and turned to look at Glasses and Monitor Li. "Are you going to keep carrying soup with Glasses and that?"
Glasses and Li monitor glances will soup up to the mouth.
Seeing the glasses move, Lin Ying immediately shouted out: "Don’t drink that is human broth."
"Bang bang!"
Before Lin Ying’s words were finished, Commander Wang’s gun rang.
"hey! ?” Commander Wang issued an exclamation.
Commander Wang’s gun didn’t hit Lin Ying
The former commander Wang fired a gun twice. On both occasions, someone interrupted him to do something, so he fired, and he aimed at people’s heads.
So this time Lin Yingkou will be full of vitality and try to control his body and move his position for a moment.
His behavior is suspected of risking his own life.
However, Lin Ying was right. Commander Wang shot him three times in the head, but every bullet flew past his head.
"ah!" Three bullets grazed Lin Ying’s head and hit the man with a gun behind him.
The man let out a scream and fell to the ground.
But when he pulled the trigger.
A series of bullets flew out of his rifle.
Lin Ying jumped on the spot and rolled over after a flash door.
"Lie down!"
Lao Yang shouted, then turned his elbow and lifted the gun on his back to the sky.
"Dadada" gun rang.
Suddenly this car gun is big.
"Zi" the whole headlights suddenly went out at this moment, and the light around them suddenly dimmed.