"It’s easy to say that Brother Luo can also brush one."

Lu Chen has always been very generous with his friends. These days, he has integrated too many universes, and the horse with a special age of 10 thousand is coming. When the time comes, he will continue to brush and there will be no reward for staying.
The rising energy level of the universe is good for all living things, but it is so-called who is in charge of the world nuclear.
It’s not up to it whether the world will change hands or not. It has to be obedient before Lu Chen.
In this way, everyone finalized the way forward and prepared for the world to advance and retreat together and go to the core area of the high world surface.
Because of the spirit king, they have learned a lot more about the high world, and finally found the fastest way to the core area, and the route is no longer biased.
Liu Chenxian first transferred the world nuclear to the spirit king and asked her to hold the brush. Whoever mastered the world nuclear fusion world was special, even if he finished it, it was feeding the time to the other side’s mouth.
In the process of rapid integration, Lu Chen is still needed to assist him. Should he let the world nuclear belong to Wang Lingshen or should he use violence when the universe is integrated?
As a result, they found that when they got their stay in this way, it seemed to be halved, because it was decided that the world nuclear belongs to Wang Ling, but the person who promoted integration was Lu Chen and Lu Chen.
But when Lu Chen reached the limit, he was swallowed when he was half.
Fortunately, there are countless multiverses in the surface world, and they will not lack fusion objects. If the route does not deviate, they will be able to brush up all the time when they reach the surface core road.
After more than a month, the world of mortals, Ling Wang and Xia Mi all broke through the barriers and broke into the ninth-order strength because of a large number of evolutionary substances when the cosmic energy level climbed, and became the new ninth-order strong.
However, Lu Chen’s basic attributes still haven’t changed at all, because he feels that the foundation of his body has become deeper.
The main reason is that his strength is too strong, and the universe has really caught up with him. His strength is not enough to say that he can pull his strength up.
That is to say, Lu Chen will exert his strength now and will not let the universe collapse.
Xiaojinlong’s attributes have reached 37 points, and it has swallowed up a large number of cosmic people to digest it. Its realistic realm has almost caught up with the strongest realm of its mother before her death.
Even Kama, a good friend of Chu Hang’s intellectual machinery, has now made a breakthrough in his body and become a ninth-order strong man. He has adopted the combination of technology and psionics to complete the transformation from body to core.
Since then, all the tourists and adventure groups in the world have reached the ninth-order field except the law of fate and the painting of pears. They can proudly call it the ninth-order adventure group of origin.
During this period, it will be much more comfortable for Lu Chen to live, because there are more acquaintances, and there are always times to talk, drink and suppress strength, and abuse the world of mortals in the same situation.
And Lu Chen went to Wang Ling to court when he was fine. Don’t get me wrong, he just wanted to get more information from Lao Wang’s stupid granddaughter.
As a result, he really dug up a lot of exciting news. For example, Lao Wang is actually the head of the previous generation of the circus, and even Jker has to call a senior. No wonder circus people always come to visit Lao Wang’s business.
Lu Chen knows that Lao Wang is a master, but he didn’t expect it to be so high. I’m afraid it’s a statue that looks at the top nine, but now he’s retired. Is it like playing with his granddaughter in Doby?
In addition, Lu Chen also got an important news from Wang Lingxing, that is, he had something to do with his lineage.
According to Wang Ling, the mysterious blood should be very well-known. The real source is not necessarily her hometown, because she once saw some "stories" at home, and the description of the lineage is very similar to the mysterious blood. The source is not the No.1 native world.
Of course, Wang Ling also said that all the stories she read when she was a child could not be taken seriously, and the number of the original world was not static, just as it disappeared and was merged into the high world, so its original code was gone and it might be replaced by other worlds
She also said that maybe the original No.1 world is not No.1, but it is more likely that the source is not No.1.
This puzzled Lu Chen, but his hometown specialty was Mystery Blood. He had seen two Secret Blood fighters, one was an atavistic Lu Ai, and the other was Qian Xue, a former comrade-in-arms. They all came from their hometown world.
What kind of world would it be if there were mysterious blood in his world? Isn’t it the end to get the secret blood stone in your own world?
What will be the reason for being targeted?
When Lu Chen was thinking about the world, he accidentally saw a figure in battle through a huge hole, "Thousands of snows! ?”
Chapter one thousand five hundred and three Mysterious blood devouring power
Lu Chen, the fierce enemy figure in the blue-purple mainland, is very familiar with it. It is a long time since I saw a thousand snows.
The eye is obviously fighting against the world’s original nuclear holder, who is in a bitter struggle because the other side is a ninth-order strong man
There is a thousand snow figures of nonhuman creatures living in that blue-purple continent, which is out of place with the moths fighting knives and falling snow.
At this time, the residents of that road froze when they saw the huge hole and the connection between the two worlds.
The purple moth, which is in charge of the world’s nuclear and selected by the will of the universe, has also attracted attention because it is not the collision it dominates.
After the huge hole, it saw all the darkness, and a figure rose from the black smoke and ethereal magic mountain.
The whole body is covered with black and unknown fog, and each tentacle extends outside. Once it passes through a huge hole, the universe will show signs of collapse.
The inky tentacles connected heaven and earth filled the whole world, and the final breath swept across the mainland, making people kneel in despair.
Luchen Shengshan light mouth
Yamir made a sigh of relief, which made the mainland creatures breathe.
In the original world, the nuclear master and Qianxue fought against moths, but before they could react, they were entangled by Yamir tentacles and could not move.
Qianxue was shocked to see this scene. After seeing the huge hole, there was such an indescribable terrorist creature rushing over and carrying his luck back to the multiverse to meet a rare cosmic devourer.
In the end, the powerful smell of natural disasters makes Qianxue feel the huge gap in strength and have already thought about how to recede.
But she heard a voice behind the huge hole like calling the name of the indescribable monster, and that voice was familiar to her.
"Captain! ?”
Thousands of snow surprise figure prancing came to the huge cave and looked at the morning light holy mountain.
Liu Chen and Qian Xue nodded with a smile in their eyes.
Thousands of snow did not take the world’s nuclear, and came directly to the holy mountain of the morning light.
This is really an extra surprise. The high world has entered so many places this time, and the probability that explorers can meet each other is really small.
Of course, explorers can’t guarantee that there is a black-box landing site.
But if the multiverse ocean is not thrown into a universe at once, the possibility of accidental meeting is very close to
"Have you finished everything?"
Lu Chen looked at Qianxue in front of him, still in a heroic posture, and his equipment had already been updated. Only the growth-oriented main force was still the original snow foam.
"There are special unfinished mainlines that are more casual. If you have a stay, you will have the opportunity to explore."
Qian Xue reported
Lu Chen nodded. "Then let’s go together. We are heading for the surface core, and we will also help you brush a special time."
Qianxue can’t help it. What she expects most when she enters the high world is to meet the old captain and fight side by side again.
After the reunion, the morning universe continued to move in multiple universes, and thousands of snows also brought some new information.
"You said to see Lu styles? Where is he? "
Lu Chen is curious. If it’s not far away, he wants to connect Lu Ming to his hometown. He still has some things to ask Lu Ming.
However, when I remember this beautiful snow, my eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. "Lu Ming is very strange, just like he doesn’t know me. He should also know me when the former world has played against each other and our hometown has exchanged ancient and modern information."
"hmm? What’s going on? Is he faking it or is he hiding something? "