This chance is too important for Su Mo!

If it weren’t for the ten thousand conference, there was no competition for the list. He wanted to break through to Tianyuan’s territory and at least have a thousand years of work!
Now, in just one hundred days, he has gone from terrace fairy to Tianyuan today!
This kind of rising speed even looks at Yun Ting.
Of course, this opportunity is hard to copy, but it can’t be met.
There is no link in this to achieve such an effect.
If there is no such law in Wutong’s secret land, it will suddenly start to force Su Mo to refine old trees and plunder ancient Wutong trees, and he can also return to Gankun Court to continue to close, so that a breakthrough can be made.
Su Mo’s breakthrough to Tianyuan is not only to repair the realm.
Violet’s real body has also soared with the rise of a realm!
This is a complete transformation from the beginning to the end!
Now Sumo is a humanoid violet!
Just then Sue ink heart movement.
Normally, after the growth of Chenghua Violet, there will be great changes every time it rises, and a treasure will be derived.
The first two times were nine days of rest and three treasures of jade.
These two treasures, Sumo, are extremely powerful, mysterious and poor!
I don’t know how violet has changed this time.
At this time, Su Mo suddenly found that there was one more thing in the hands of the lotus violet Yuan God.
It’s a dusting handle, green and crystal clear, and the dust is white and spotless.
Violet is really holding three treasures and jade in her left hand, and holding a handle in her right hand to sweep the dust and glow, which is like a god!
Chapter two thousand two hundred and sixty-five ashes
In the depths of the palace in the hot sun, there are more and more monks gathering outside the secret plane of the phoenix tree.
The story changed through the secret realm of the phoenix tree, which attracted several monks all over the palace at the fastest speed.
In addition to the major door forces, even some other county kings and monarchs in the sunny palace ran over to watch the excitement.
"What is it that I heard that the Wutong large array started the Sumo dead inside?"
"Well, it must be Tianhong’s handwriting. Otherwise, how could he appear here?"
"How can this Xie Qingcheng still dare to argue with Tianhong and die?"
Three or two kings of Yan Yang Xian Guo secretly communicate with each other.
"What’s the matter?"
Several elders of Gankunyuan finally arrived to push the crowd to the front.
"Several Taoist friends are sorry for your loss."
Xie Tianhong so sad hands fuels, "I don’t know how these two people suddenly went crazy to start a large array in the land, but when I made moves, I didn’t."
"How can these two people suddenly go crazy and start a large array?"
Several elders in the courtyard frowned.
Although they didn’t live there, they felt with intuition and experience that there seemed to be something else in it, which was not as simple as Xie Tianhong said.
Red rainbow infanta glanced at Xie Tianhong’s face and held his fist.
Several elders in Gankunyuan noticed abnormal eye movements and fell on Xie Tianhong one after another.
Xie Tianhong look calm fear dry kunyuan several elders in the eye with a faint smile.
"What the hell is going on in the Temple of Red Rainbow and Allure?"
Clock elders looked at the whole two heavy asked.
Xie whole look complicated slightly open mouth awkward.
Compared with Xie Tianhong, he is much worse in both status and realm in the king’s room of Yan Yangxian.