In Longyuanxi, efforts were made to "visit the gentlemen in each township and arrest them separately by the county Zaban Township Bureau". The General Administration of Yong Yong Tuan was established in the county town, and the General Administration of Yong Yong Tuan in the county was established from the county level to the township level. The former government took over the main responsibility of arrest and arrest.

Zhu Jinglun chose Long Yuanxi as the Ministry of Rites not only because he was an official of the former dynasty, but also because he saw this person’s ability to handle things, especially his ability to create a system, which made him particularly recognized.
Later, Zhu Jinglun’s establishment of such a large squire’s public office played an objective role in his rapid stability. He not only did not cancel this organization later, but promoted it, and let Long Yuanxi preside over the establishment of county public offices in various places to lead the township public offices.
Over the years, these bureaus have played a considerable role in maintaining a stable local communication with the government, but on the other hand, they are also restricting the power of the government, especially at the county level, which often conflicts with various county governments in arresting thieves and judicial management. Therefore, the former Ministry of Punishment repeatedly asked for the dissolution of the bureau, which was strongly blocked by Long Yuanxi, thinking that this was an excuse that the Ministry of Punishment could find itself.
But this time, it was Long Yuanxi who asked for the dissolution of the public office because the public office besieged the school, which not only destroyed quite a few rural schools, but also killed several police and soldiers who protected the school. This has become a rebellion. Long Yuanxi knew that it was impossible for this kind of organization to let the government go. Xianfeng refused to let the public office continue to be in charge of the township brave, and Zhu Jinglun obviously could not get such an armed organization.
Zhu jinglun is not in a hurry to make a decision, but let punishments introduce a situation first.
Luo Tianchi, assistant minister of punishments, quickly reported it in detail.
The outbreak counties are mainly Panyu, Shunde and Xiangshan.
Xiangshan county, which is close to the sea, has always been a place with strong public power. As early as the Qianlong period, local squires formed the system of fighting pirates, so they were better at organizing force. Panyu county formed a large number of rural brave during the period when the British and French Coalition forces occupied Guangzhou. Shunde county was formed by Long Yuanxi.
Panyu county is the county that destroyed the school and killed and injured the most police soldiers this time.
Panyu County Sub-catching Department and its divisions belong to Jiaotang Sinanzhou Bureau, Binshe Bureau, Gangwei Bureau, Shilou Bureau and Chishan Bureau; Thirteen offices in Shawan Siren Concession Bureau, Shiqiao Bureau, Roxie Bureau, Aoshan Bureau, Weiyong Bureau, Guba Bureau, Longwan Bureau, Shating Bureau and Shaxu have all been surrounded by schools. Obviously, this is not an isolated incident, but a time when the country will treat it as a rebellion.
"What is the situation in Nanhai County?"
These three counties are rich in economy, most of them are mulberries, fish ponds and fertile land, and there are also a lot of modern industries such as reeling and weaving, but the richest one still owns Foshan, which is not lost to Nanhai County, a commercial port in Guangzhou, but the situation in Nanhai County is better.
Luo Tianchi reported that Nanhai County also surrounded the school, but the number was small, and the advice of the local squire quickly dispersed, and there was no killing
Zhu Jinglun nodded his head. Speaking of this time, the siege of the school by the public office was not a rebellion of the public office organization, but a loss of control of the public office organization itself. Obviously, some of the squires could not stand the educational reform of the government, but some people were more rational and unwilling to confront the government.
These squires have complained about education for a long time. A few years ago, their resentment was inspired by Zeng Guofan, and they became enthusiastic about running their own education. After Zeng Guofan’s reputation was ruined, many of them gave up those schools, but their resentment did not disappear, but it was deeper.
In the past two years, there has been a great setback in rural education. First, five years ago, Li Zeng Guofan encouraged the rural gentry to build a large number of Confucius-Temple-style schools. At that time, the enrollment rate of children exceeded success, which can be described as a great situation
However, the year before last, Zeng Guofan’s religious lesson plan in Tianjin sacrificed his prestige accumulated over the years, and once everyone shouted and beat and modern broadcasting methods added fuel to the flames, Zeng Guofan became a traitor to Confucianism and Taoism. This banner greatly affected the squire class’s education heart.
At that time, there was a wave of counter-current that destroyed schools. Later, Zhu Jinglun did not hesitate to use the army to suppress them. He not only took over these schools, but also sent trained teachers to completely improve rural education
Zhu Jinglun is a gentry class who abandoned the reform of rural education leading institutions and should not encounter resistance.
But in fact, this is tantamount to completely crowding out the squire class from the field of rural education, and they have been in charge of this field for thousands of years. How frustrated these people are will make them feel abandoned by the times, so it is not surprising to do anything.
Zhu Jinglun suddenly found that it seems that the reform brought too much frustration to the old class and abandoned them, which is a situation that is difficult to avoid in reform, but Zhu Jinglun finally tried his best to make up for the situation. He always hoped to bring the old class to a new era, and it seems that he failed in the field of education.
Zhu Jinglun’s heart is not lost.
But at the same time, he also had some regrets that "it’s a little funny to make trouble like this, but it just says the pride of our nation, not the shame"
He didn’t even expect that the education problem ended in violent confrontation, which could not happen in Europe or Japan, but it happened in China.
The most fundamental problem is the struggle for educational power, which means that education is of great significance in this country. It is no exaggeration to say that education has the same feelings for this nation as other countries have for religion.
It is not ignorance or conservatism, but a belief that a large-scale uprising broke out when the Qing Dynasty moved the hair and clothes of the Han people. Imagine that if the Qing Dynasty dared to move education at that time, I am afraid it would not cause a backlash, which would be better than letting China people not wear wide robes and big sleeves and let China people braid their hair. They would rebel and let them not speak Chinese or write Chinese characters.
This is the greatest place of this nation. They attach great importance to culture. On the other hand, after the Franco-Prussian War, Germany wrote an article "The Last Lesson", which was ceded to the French in Alsace and Lorraine provinces of Prussia. The loss was vividly expressed, but there was no uprising in these two places in the next few decades.
After the Japanese ruled Northeast China and Taiwan Province, they vigorously promoted Japanese education and abolished Chinese education. However, a large number of people ran their own education, and a large number of people fled to the land just to maintain the Chinese education power of their grandchildren. Singapore abolished Chinese education in the Lee family era, but it still encountered a lot of criticism, but it still prevented parents of Chinese education in Singapore from letting their children participate in various cram schools, as if they were enthusiastic about the mainland Olympics.
For thousands of years, the state system of government has been destroyed, but China culture has finally survived and was also destroyed by the Mongolian Empire. Many descendants of the ancient Central Asian countries have been able to dig deep into their past impressions.
The main problem of attacking the school by the public bureau is not the dissatisfaction of the gentry class, but what they have the ability to attack the school and why they choose to attack the school
This is what Zhu Jinglun is more worried about. They can attack the school today, the government the day after tomorrow and the capital the day after tomorrow. This is something that a country in a period of transformation cannot afford.
"Those rural brave should be abolished."
Zhu Jinglun sighed. Before that, these villagers were not abolished, but reorganized into forces to maintain public order in rural areas, such as arresting thieves. But if they were forces, they could not only maintain public order, but also destroy it. Now it seems that the gentry class is not so rational. They are not careful to make military forces self-control
Section five hundred and sixty-seven Standardize rural autonomy 2
"What about the public office?"
Chen Zhiting asked, obviously, they are all very concerned about this organization because whether it is Long Yuanxi or Chen Zhiting, they have all set up a public office. The Chen family started out by practicing courage in a manhole, but it belonged to the manhole bureau at that time.
Zhu Jinglun said, "It’s still good after all, but they don’t know how to be brave in the countryside. Let the punishments put them under the unified management of the superintendent of the punishments."
This is equivalent to turning the rural police organization, which used to be used by the public security bureau to maintain rural public order, into the rural police.
"Keep it in the public office for the time being"
Zhu Jinglun also wants to try to see if this kind of rural autonomous organization can gradually evolve into a modern representative organization, and now retaining a channel for these organizations to communicate with the township is also conducive to resolving the misunderstanding and distrust of the government by farmers with low education.
Without the support of the people from the bottom of their hearts, there will always be great trouble. Now the situation is very obvious. Although the police and soldiers have entered the countryside to protect those schools, the students are afraid to send new teachers from the provincial capital. Even if they go home, the parents of the students are very reluctant to let their children go to school. Because they see that the squires in the countryside do not send their children to school, they think that the school is not a good thing.
The gentry class helped them to distort the new education in rural discourse.
The squires think that the new school is not good, especially when the government takes over the school and sends a large number of math teachers, which makes them even more disgusted. They say that after learning those things, they forget the etiquette, justice, honesty and shame, and what kind of filial piety and human relations will become in the future. They may not even recognize their parents.
Simple and ignorant farmers are afraid that this adopted son will not recognize his old age, which is simply the collapse of the sky. In addition, seeing many squires take their children home and educate the farmers themselves, they have given up the idea of letting their children attend government-run primary schools.
The squire retired from the army and took over the school, which also made the atmosphere in the countryside extremely tense. The villagers even walked around the school when they went out, and the countryside was full of a depressing atmosphere.
How many notices are posted by the government to resolve this atmosphere is impossible for the city newspapers to publicize, or it is necessary for the gentry class to take the initiative to demonstrate the common people to follow.
So now the big government really can’t live without these squires.
But the criminal squire can’t shield "those who attack the school office according to the law!" It’s time to catch people and catch the exile. "
Zhu Jinglun said Chen Zhiting, and their hearts softened, because it is obvious that there are squires behind these bureaus, but the dynasty that attacked the gentry class has no good name, and they all came from this class. If hundreds of scholars are really exiled, they feel that the rabbit is dead and the fox is sad.