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It’s a pity that Uncle Ling was too proud. Except for Zhuang, who died not far from Zhuang, he simply got Xiajie a white four-winged chicken. After many generations of selection and cultivation, the feathers of this four-winged chicken were almost white, except for the red comb and eyes, and there was no trace of […]
In an instant, Cui Xi suddenly jumped out from the ambush point and rushed to the monorail on one side of the alien base like Tiger Mountain. Almost at the same moment, the alarm of the alien base is big! One by one or dark energy emitters are lit up. The lobby on the top […]
Bang bang bang! ! One started, the other followed, and then all the heads made a mess and quarreled with each other. Lingqing doesn’t care about their noise or delay walking. Chapter one thousand four Don’t mother seek way edge The nine-headed green lions quarreled for a while, and they gradually stopped without saying a […]
There was a palace at the bottom of the sea, which had to be destroyed during the Enlightenment War. This time, he returned to the North Sea and had the help of Qi. Now this underwater palace is better than that in the past, and dragons from all over the world brought many rare treasures, […]
Xu Shifang sent a face report, but the elder Xu Yi read it out himself. But this tone has a sense of heroic death, full of despair … Because it means he has a way to go. "Big elders, this is the armor to send you the analysis report on the current situation outside the […]
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-one Victory () This time, I can grasp Xu Yang’s movements so clearly. After the re-establishment, the former Black Shark Gang of Royal Guards joined the southeast Bailian Sect and made great contributions in several aspects. These white lotus black sharks helped many pirates from Xu Yang’s department to come with […]
It’s the night watchman’s second tour of Guangda Fa, but now it’s linked to the territory of the State of Zhou robbed by 20 years. With it, you can manipulate the 3 million-year history of heaven or throw it as a weapon at will, or cultivate Jin Xian at will. Lin Chong grabbed the book […]
The seven emotions put him under his command. The Lord of the Temple of Wind and Thunder has now stepped into the cave, and he has become an immortal. How can the king be relegated to him? It is really suitable for seven emotions, but it is unreasonable. Sirius and ink a few words to […]
This is the enjoyment of taste buds It is a’ home’ feeling. "You should add a pungent oil." Goethe thought about it and arranged for Jerry to do it. I also brought chopped green onion and coriander. This is the first bite of meat that Goethe got into the habit when he was in his […]
Now the wilderness is not as good as it used to be. It’s not too big. What about Luo Jinxian’s office? If you want to continue to practice, go to me. You specialize in building a big Luo Tian to practice. It is much easier to practice in Luo Tian than in the outside world, […]