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It’s the night watchman’s second tour of Guangda Fa, but now it’s linked to the territory of the State of Zhou robbed by 20 years. With it, you can manipulate the 3 million-year history of heaven or throw it as a weapon at will, or cultivate Jin Xian at will. Lin Chong grabbed the book […]
Look at Su Mo Liang Dan with discoloration. Where is this Terran look? This look is to eat people! Su Mo leaned out of his left arm, and his bones and muscles screamed, and his arm swelled and collapsed like a long snake, and Liang Dan’s head quickly rolled up! Liang Dan’s head and neck […]
I’m not sure before But they both saw the scene of giving out red envelopes just now. That meaning couldn’t be more obvious I just don’t know which is the first house and which is the second house. Miss Wang’s eldest sister is not like a wing. Miss Huang’s family is even more impossible Compared […]
"Uh …" The golden lion groaned in pain. It feels that its spine is almost crushed by this seemingly thin life! The student’s legs clamped his ribs on both sides as if they were an indestructible iron hoop, and his flesh and blood roots would not hold. Don’t say that it will be crushed to […]
In the crowd’s worship eyes, the old man Jia came to a casting director who had just been tied up. The casting director first came into contact with this strange world, but it is still awkward. Who am I? Where am I? Who kidnapped me? Know nothing But now that the boss card director has […]
Besides, all the accident victims either threw garbage into the lake or did something bad. This network is blown up. There is another problem. "If you evaluate the incident of Jiahu Lake’s epiphany?" "Where is the lake god in this world? Wait, I remember that the owner lived nearby. It’s hard to say. " "But […]
"Rain heterodox friend this Xuanyuan sword is too expensive for me …" "I said that one thing for another, this sword may look very valuable to you, but it is not as good as this sword in my eyes." As soon as the words are finished, it rains and evils, and Niansheng refuses to directly […]
"Sit down," Yan said with a smile in front of her stranger for weeks. Su Mian sat in front of Yan Gui. "Although I haven’t done the conferring ceremony, I’m also a serious side princess. It’s not good not to send a gift when I meet you today," he said, and gave Su Mian a […]
Those family members want to kill him, Lin Yu. That depends on whether they have infiltrated Yun He City! Lin Yuyuan will be fine if he hides himself, but it will come eventually. On the second day, the demon asked for information within seven days and ten days. Elder Shen found Lin Yu sweating profusely. […]
Bang! BeiMingXue strided to the front of the domestic slave, stretched out his palm and clenched it into a fist, then punched the domestic slave in the chest. There’s nothing high-handed. This punch is straight. But this domestic slave can’t resist the whole person flying backwards like a sharp arrow and hitting the courtyard wall! […]