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It’s a pity that Uncle Ling was too proud. Except for Zhuang, who died not far from Zhuang, he simply got Xiajie a white four-winged chicken. After many generations of selection and cultivation, the feathers of this four-winged chicken were almost white, except for the red comb and eyes, and there was no trace of […]
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-one Victory () This time, I can grasp Xu Yang’s movements so clearly. After the re-establishment, the former Black Shark Gang of Royal Guards joined the southeast Bailian Sect and made great contributions in several aspects. These white lotus black sharks helped many pirates from Xu Yang’s department to come with […]
Mao Lilan ran upstairs and packed up to go out. Conan looked at her back and tugged at Baishi. After he was considerate and crouched, he whispered to him, "Didn’t you say that you have been stared at recently? If you go out at this time …" "Well," Baishi sighed and his eyes were dim. […]
"thin words!" She suddenly hysterical roar is resentment to bone disgust and ability to roar "you say! What are you going to do to let me go and let my child go! " He seems to have heard a big joke. Pass it to me with a deep sexy smile and a disdainful smile. Man, […]
"Here we are!" Break the false eye! Chapter 9 Harvest With the improvement of the law, the coverage of the eye is also increased, and the changes of the celestial body in dozens of miles can be seen at a glance Just like this, When the morning sun rises, the sky is clear, the air […]
Just after Piaoxuexian released the top spell of Piaoxuegu, more than a dozen high-order demons were frozen forever and didn’t wake up and fall. It fell to the ground and broke into a pile of ice Su Mo’s flesh and blood are strong, but it is absolutely unbearable for this kind of power to attack! […]
Lu Chen has always been very generous with his friends. These days, he has integrated too many universes, and the horse with a special age of 10 thousand is coming. When the time comes, he will continue to brush and there will be no reward for staying. The rising energy level of the universe is […]
Immediately, I also gave up the white jade cup and directly picked up the big bowl of plump plump and dried it upside down! "Ling, it’s all my fault! Anyway, it’s my decision! If you are mad at me, you can hit me and scold me! But don’t drink! " Said Shinohara snow potential will […]
Bai Jing’s expression is very exciting. Well, he was born in a noble family, so he didn’t break into the official residence in Dean County, although the official residence in Dean County was quite humble. Far away, I saw Cheng Jinzhou floating over and Bai Jing patted the red face and said, "Mr. Cheng, you […]
The volume of jade Qing jade book in the thorn half is also overwhelmed by two forces and directly torn in half! The shining golden giant retreated to win the day with half a jade book in his hand. White virtual shadow with the other half back to post Sandy handed it over. "Hum!" Win […]