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There was a palace at the bottom of the sea, which had to be destroyed during the Enlightenment War. This time, he returned to the North Sea and had the help of Qi. Now this underwater palace is better than that in the past, and dragons from all over the world brought many rare treasures, […]
Xu Shifang sent a face report, but the elder Xu Yi read it out himself. But this tone has a sense of heroic death, full of despair … Because it means he has a way to go. "Big elders, this is the armor to send you the analysis report on the current situation outside the […]
Your eminence, including us, will give you the greatest respect and reward if you want to return to the embrace of the Lord again! "Naif is doing the work for Xu tui! Xu tui’s brain is running at high speed There is no doubt that this is an extremely dangerous life is the first thing […]
After Hui Ji became a Buddhist teacher, he did not forcibly reverse this way of fighting, but this foundation emphasized the importance of "combination" For the vast majority of demon hunters, they are still alone. But the appearance of "being alone" is the fact that more demon hunters are working together behind the scenes. The […]
Besides, all the accident victims either threw garbage into the lake or did something bad. This network is blown up. There is another problem. "If you evaluate the incident of Jiahu Lake’s epiphany?" "Where is the lake god in this world? Wait, I remember that the owner lived nearby. It’s hard to say. " "But […]
These clan forces have returned messages one after another, but there is no good solution Although Qin Pianran never said anything, his brow could not hide his loss. "Don’t worry yet" Su Mo said, "Xiao Ning hasn’t heard back yet. She has become a brother of Danyang Gate, and there must be some methods." Five […]
After finishing this basic training yesterday, I felt like I was dying! I also took this opportunity to make a retreat. Before and after the injection of drugs, I found the genetic basis point before the end of today’s training This is a group of 14 gene bases, but the distribution is different. Retirement is […]
If it weren’t for the ten thousand conference, there was no competition for the list. He wanted to break through to Tianyuan’s territory and at least have a thousand years of work! Now, in just one hundred days, he has gone from terrace fairy to Tianyuan today! This kind of rising speed even looks at […]
A junior of Zhao family really can’t bear to shout, "How dare you … Ah!" Poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof. "Nine brothers!" Two brothers behind him just stretched out his hand to help and several cold lights flashed to cut off the two young people’s hands. "Ah […]
This move is really vicious. "No, you can’t let them drink it, but there are so many people and guns here. If they stop themselves, they will definitely do it themselves, and they will be very dangerous." Lin Ying looked at monitor Li and glasses with bowls in her heart and tried to turn her […]