Month: June 2024

Chapter one hundred and four Ling Zhu There are many innate array methods in the wild, all of which have great origins and are the embodiment of innate Tao. Yin-Yang Tao, Three Talents Tao, Five Elements Tao … The innate array derived from several innate Tao supporting the universe is more powerful than representing the […]
"Rain heterodox friend this Xuanyuan sword is too expensive for me …" "I said that one thing for another, this sword may look very valuable to you, but it is not as good as this sword in my eyes." As soon as the words are finished, it rains and evils, and Niansheng refuses to directly […]
Zhu Jinglun chose Long Yuanxi as the Ministry of Rites not only because he was an official of the former dynasty, but also because he saw this person’s ability to handle things, especially his ability to create a system, which made him particularly recognized. Later, Zhu Jinglun’s establishment of such a large squire’s public office […]
If it weren’t for the ten thousand conference, there was no competition for the list. He wanted to break through to Tianyuan’s territory and at least have a thousand years of work! Now, in just one hundred days, he has gone from terrace fairy to Tianyuan today! This kind of rising speed even looks at […]
"Sit down," Yan said with a smile in front of her stranger for weeks. Su Mian sat in front of Yan Gui. "Although I haven’t done the conferring ceremony, I’m also a serious side princess. It’s not good not to send a gift when I meet you today," he said, and gave Su Mian a […]
Lu Chen has always been very generous with his friends. These days, he has integrated too many universes, and the horse with a special age of 10 thousand is coming. When the time comes, he will continue to brush and there will be no reward for staying. The rising energy level of the universe is […]
A junior of Zhao family really can’t bear to shout, "How dare you … Ah!" Poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof, poof. "Nine brothers!" Two brothers behind him just stretched out his hand to help and several cold lights flashed to cut off the two young people’s hands. "Ah […]
This move is really vicious. "No, you can’t let them drink it, but there are so many people and guns here. If they stop themselves, they will definitely do it themselves, and they will be very dangerous." Lin Ying looked at monitor Li and glasses with bowls in her heart and tried to turn her […]
Xiao quietly sighed and glanced to the side. The second position on the left in front of him was the very handsome girl Chi Xiaozhu. In a sense, Xiao Yan is a rather slow person. He never set foot in the relationship between men and women during his whole study period until he graduated from […]
Is there entertainment in Shenzhen to be reimbursed by the department tonight? To put it bluntly, although everyone at the scene may be embarrassed to spend this money, what if it is spent? And according to these people’s identities, it’s not easy to spend hundreds of thousands a night alone. And a hundred people, that’s […]