"Here we are!" Break the false eye! Chapter 9 Harvest With the improvement of the law, the coverage of the eye is also increased, and the changes of the celestial body in dozens of miles can be seen at a glance Just like this, When the morning sun rises, the sky is clear, the air […]
After Hui Ji became a Buddhist teacher, he did not forcibly reverse this way of fighting, but this foundation emphasized the importance of "combination" For the vast majority of demon hunters, they are still alone. But the appearance of "being alone" is the fact that more demon hunters are working together behind the scenes. The […]
In the crowd’s worship eyes, the old man Jia came to a casting director who had just been tied up. The casting director first came into contact with this strange world, but it is still awkward. Who am I? Where am I? Who kidnapped me? Know nothing But now that the boss card director has […]
Besides, all the accident victims either threw garbage into the lake or did something bad. This network is blown up. There is another problem. "If you evaluate the incident of Jiahu Lake’s epiphany?" "Where is the lake god in this world? Wait, I remember that the owner lived nearby. It’s hard to say. " "But […]
One day, it will dig the root of dawn redemption. But now that I see Raymont recruiting these things, I feel a kind of depression rising and hovering in my heart. If Dawning redeems the high-level officials to make a retreat before making a retreat, they will definitely do it themselves! Cancer! Dawn is the […]
These clan forces have returned messages one after another, but there is no good solution Although Qin Pianran never said anything, his brow could not hide his loss. "Don’t worry yet" Su Mo said, "Xiao Ning hasn’t heard back yet. She has become a brother of Danyang Gate, and there must be some methods." Five […]
After finishing this basic training yesterday, I felt like I was dying! I also took this opportunity to make a retreat. Before and after the injection of drugs, I found the genetic basis point before the end of today’s training This is a group of 14 gene bases, but the distribution is different. Retirement is […]
On this night One person near the Daoxin ladder. Suddenly! A figure dressed in a Confucian robe appeared in the warning of the Taoist ladder After this figure appeared, it gently waved the robe sleeve to form a barrier around the heart ladder to isolate it from the outside world. The Confucian robe man looked […]
Just after Piaoxuexian released the top spell of Piaoxuegu, more than a dozen high-order demons were frozen forever and didn’t wake up and fall. It fell to the ground and broke into a pile of ice Su Mo’s flesh and blood are strong, but it is absolutely unbearable for this kind of power to attack! […]
Chapter one hundred and four Ling Zhu There are many innate array methods in the wild, all of which have great origins and are the embodiment of innate Tao. Yin-Yang Tao, Three Talents Tao, Five Elements Tao … The innate array derived from several innate Tao supporting the universe is more powerful than representing the […]